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Ryan J. Brown's thriller ONLY CHILD tops TV Brit List 2019.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Ryan has topped the TV Brit List for the second time.

The Brit List, overseen by Alexandra Arlango, has published its second television rankings of unproduced drama scripts from British writers with 24 making the final list from 232 scripts put forward.

The Brit List is a "celebration of sensational British writers. UK Film & TV companies are invited to recommend the best unproduced scripts they have seen in the past year. If a script receives a minimum number of recommendations it will be featured on the Brit List".

Ryan's project WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN was featured on the previous and inaugural TV Brit List. This time it was ONLY CHILD, in development with BIG TALK (Mum, Baby Driver, Shaun of the Dead), that made it on to the prestigious list. ONLY CHILD is the story of a grieving mother from a small northern town finds new life in the dangerous pursuit of the serial killer who framed her daughter for mass murder.

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