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Updated: Mar 28

The San Francisco Chronicle, Ugly Duckling Films and Sony Music Entertainment are partnering to develop the first narrative podcast project from the Chronicle, inspired by Ryan J Brown's TV drama, a new true crime series called The Doodler.

Ugly Duckling, whose films include 2013 sci-fi Coherence, Lena Headey-starrer The Broken and 2020 pic The Bike Thief, has been in development with Ryan on his TV project inspired by the Doodler case We Are Your Children. Ryan will be an Associate Producer on the Podcast due for release in 2021.

The podcast will tell the story of the ongoing hunt for the notorious serial killer known as the “Doodler” who targeted San Francisco’s closeted gay community in the 1970s and is suspected to have murdered up to 16 people.

Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-nominated Chronicle reporter Kevin Fagan and the paper’s longtime investigative reporter Michael Taylor, with contributions from King Kaufman, The Doodler will investigate the perplexing cold case and the anonymous killer named for the skilled drawings of the victims that he left behind at the scenes of his crimes.

Fagan, in collaboration with Taylor, will pick up the trail of the “Doodler” and aim to uncover new leads into finding the murderer. As part of their investigation, the production team has created an anonymous tip line for anyone with information about the case. Tips can be submitted by calling 415-570-9299 or via

The audio series is being produced by the San Francisco Chronicle and Ugly Duckling Films in association with podcast production firm Neon Hum and is set for release in 2021. Sony Music Entertainment will provide marketing and funding. UK production firm Ugly Duckling will retain screen rights.

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