Inspired by real events. A sidelined cop strikes an unlikely friendship with a distrusting gay rights activist and an even more distrusting Drag queen as they unite to stop a prolific serial killer of gay men in 70’s San Francisco.

Winner of BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Prize and featured on the 2018 BRIT LIST. The series is being developed by Oscar-nominated producer Lene Bausager and has contributed to the reopening of a 5-Decades old cold case.

"When we read Ryan’s pilot last year, we were immediately struck by his maturity and scope in handling this incredibly powerful story and its characters. We were so surprised to hear that the ‘Doodler’ was not well-known, despite the monstrosity of his crimes, and really inspired by how Ryan’s period script held a lens up to the socio-political problems of today" - Lene Bausager.